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The rising in earning on 24 numbers variant

Table de RouletteThis rising in earning on 24 Numbers variant is played only on dozen. This martingale is a "dozen martingale ".

The principle

The principle of the martingale in earning on 24 Numbers is to choose 2 dozens and to bet one unit on each. Total Bet : 2 Units

If we win, we are beneficial, and then we continued to play a dozen on each unit.

If we lose, we will try to erase our loss. He must then double bets on 2 dozen. Last Total: 4 Units. If we win we must divide by 2 bets. This will be beneficial up. It will then resume the game with the latest base.


With this martingale you play 24 numbers of 37 instead of 18 for other methods on the outside bets. Your chances of winning at each stroke are 64.8% against 48.6% with a game based solely on simple chances. This "martingale dozen" opens a new strategy of play.


Example of the rising in earning on 24 Numbers variant :

Permanence Draw Bet on the
1st and 2nd of 12th
Earnings / Review
6 1st 1+1 +1 1
13 2nd 1+1 +1 1
33 3rd 1+1 - 2 -2
35 3rd 2+2 -4 -6
19 2nd 4+4 +4 -2
20 2nd 2+2 +2 0
1 1st 1+1 +1 1
Total of earnings : 3

We must understand that there are phase of play. If there is no loss to erase, the gains are net and are capitalized, "set aside". When you lose, the real game, which is to erase the losses and go back to zero, begins.

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