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Story of Roulette game

Table de RouletteRoulette is, by definition, must have game in a casino. This is one of the most popular games. This is an exciting and simple game, or even a beginner can quickly take pleasure.

But where does this game come from ?

Many stories give different versions. A version unverified explains where does the name of the game come from. Legend has it that a French men called Francois Blanc has made a Faustian bargain to get all the secrets of a game called "Roulette". Fun fact, when you add all the numbers in a roulette mat is obtained 666.

Another version attributes the origin of this game has another best-known French this time, Blaise Pascal. It would have invented the game of roulette because of his love for mathematics. The origin of the game does not alter its success that never seems to have waned since its inception.

The Renewal

A second page of history written in recent years with the revival of the game thanks to online casinos. The traditional wheel is really appeared in the 18th century when it represented a popular entertainment aristocrats from all continents. Since always the roulette game is played in places sumptuously decorated in a cozy atmosphere. Faithful to this tradition, most modern casinos, have also arranged for parts specifically designed to accommodate the players. The chandeliers and carpets are deep to give a real feeling of luxury in the purest tradition of aristocratic.

Online casinos, too, are trying to keep players in the same state of mind. The most advanced technologies are used to bring the sparkle and luxury to the gambling rooms The graphic interface is becoming more polished and gives a real feeling of luxury. Some online casinos will offer up live donors can be observed through a webcam. This has a significant psychological effect on the player who finds himself in almost total immersion in the "luxury".

Many experts believe that online roulette is still at an early stage of development. We can trust the game industry has to develop this passion.

Test Martingales in DEMO Mode

You can test the martingale DEMO mode without any risk on . The games are also available in Flash version to play without installing anything on your computer. Attention all the casinos do not necessarily offer the same customer service and can be "coaxing" to make regulations. You can even have a single spokesperson English on hotlines. We select only the best casinos for you. Among them is a reference .