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The Piquemouche martingale

The Piquemouche martingale diminishes the devastating effects of the martingale classic case of bad series.

Principe du Piquemouche:

This method is an adaptation of the martingale simple. She follows the basic principle but more cautiously.

The principle is to play 3 times each wager of hawks Martingale.
Example :
- Wager with Hawks martingale : 1,2,4,8,16,32
-Wager with "Piquemouche martingale" : 1,1,1,2,2,2,4,4,4,8,8,8,16,16,16

Benefits :

The rise in the betting is much more progressive than the conventional method of Hawks cons you need more than one winner for return to profit.

Game Result Bet Result Accumulation
Red Balck 1 -1 -1
Red Balck 1 -1 -2
Red Balck 1 -1 -3
Red Red 2 +2 -1
Red Balck 2 -2 -3
Red Balck 2 -2 -5
Red Red 4 +4 -1
Red Red 4 +4 +3

We can also see that even in the winning shot deficit, we end Beneficiary. In the example we have had 5 shots losers against only 3 winners. This method is quite valid and the player is an appropriate patient for a little longer.

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