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The American martingale

Table de RouletteThis American rising or American martingale is one of the best if deficit hit winners.

The principle

The principle of the American martingale is to erase two losses at each earnings.

After 2 loss your bet becomes the sums of these two losses. In the case of several consecutive losses, you will need to play the sum of first and last losses not erased. You will need to process until the erasing of all losses.

Playing with the American martingale on online casinos is particularly interesting because it must be methodical and not lose the thread. The easiest way is to use a paper to note your losses and delete them as and as you delete them. It is more difficult to get his paper and pencil in a real casino.


In case of bad series, this American rising also quickly reaches its limits with a runaway fast updates and reaching too quickly put ceiling.

Example of American martingale :

Game Result Bet Result Accumulation Take note
Red Black 5 -5 -5 5
Red Black 10 -10 -15 5,10
Red Black 15 -15 -30 15,10,5
Red Black 20 -20 -50 20,15,10,5
Red Red 25 +25 -25 25,20,15,10,5
Red Black 35 -35 -60 35,25,15,10
Red Red 45 +45 -15 45,35,25,15,10
Red Red 60 +60 +45 60,45,25,15

Caution : You should record all your bets on your paper as a measure as you play. At each stroke you take your last set and you add it to the first loss not erased. If you win note your last bet and strike the loss cleared. In the table above, we noted the latest bets in green to use for the next release. Black stripe, it’s the losses offset by a winning move. Take a paper and follow the example line by line to understand the calculation of the cancellation of bets and losses.

Caution !!! : You need to stop playing when your accumulation is positive and restart from zero with your basis set. This in order to keep the maximum margin with regard to cap latest.

Test Martingales in DEMO Mode

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