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The against Alembert Rising

Table de RouletteThe against Alembert Rising method is well known. It is based on simple chances.

The principle

This method is the opposite of the Alembert martingale.
The principle is to increase its bet by placing a unit in case of winning, and we reduce the development of a unit in case of loss.

Unlike the Hawks martingale, you will need several shots to be paid winner.

The against Alembert Rising has the advantage of limiting losses in some cases decreasing series of bad bets but also it can increase your earnings faster letting you play with your winnings and not your capital basis. When you win, you then play with the casino.


The against Alembert Rising like hawks rising quickly reaches its limits with a runaway fast updates and reaching too quickly put ceiling.


Example against Alembert rising :

Game Result Bet Gain Accumulation
Red Red 5 +5 +5
Red Red 10 +10 +15
Red Balck 15 -15 +0
Red Balck 10 -10 -10
Red Red 5 +5 -5
Red Red 10 +10 +5

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