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Démonstration of martingale JC roulette

This video was made at the beginning of our tests on this martingale. The total bet of 29 units were distributed in 1x11 units + 18x1 unit. Gains were either 4 units or 7 units. After many tests, we recommend you rather play 30 units distributed as follows: 1x12 units + 18x1 unit. This does not detract from how to place bets from the previously released number.

Demonstration of martingale JC

Here is the demonstration of our martingale JC we hope you will come out much more often win casino

Test Martingales in DEMO Mode

You can test the martingale DEMO mode without any risk on . The games are also available in Flash version to play without installing anything on your computer. Attention all the casinos do not necessarily offer the same customer service and can be "coaxing" to make regulations. You can even have a single spokesperson English on hotlines. We select only the best casinos for you. Among them is a reference .